Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer VR Trainer (with TTS 4, Advanced Software)

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer VR Trainer (with TTS 4, Advanced Software)
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With the Tacx i-Genius Virtual Reality trainer cycling becomes a celebration. This top trainer offers unlimited entertainment while riding indoors. The attractive thing about a VR trainer is that the race is displayed on the screen of your PC and true-to-life terrain mapping signals are transmitted by the trainer’s brake to the bike. On a climb you can feel the gradient through the rear wheel and downhill you feel like you have wings. 

The i-Genius works with the Tacx Trainer software 4,Advanced. With this ultra-modern software you enter virtual worlds which are even more real while riding on your Tacx trainer. You can’t tell the world on your screen from the real world. Riding races draws you in and is so realistic that it is possible to protect yourself in the back of the virtual peloton as you hide yourself from the wind. But keep in mind that your virtual opponents behave realistically, which means they can jump away from you at any time. So be aware.

The i-Genius has a wireless motor brake with a software-simulated flywheel that generates high powers at low speeds. This makes the climbing of hills and mountains even more realistic. The i-Genius also exclusively features downhill drive. LED lights in the brake indicate the cycling speed and the power output. The communication between brake, VR interface and PC is wireless. The trainer itself has to be plugged into the power grid.

The i-Genius Multiplayer edition includes a 1 year license for web racing and the BlackTrack, a collapsible steering frame enabling you to go wherever you want to go in the virtual worlds. Every movement is immediately visible on the screen of the PC.

Virtual Reality trainer

  • Training with PC
  • Interface on handlebar
  • Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced
  • Incl. BlackTrack steering frame & 1 year Multiplayer license

Motor brake

  • Virtual flywheel
  • Max. resistance 1500 Watt; adjustable in percent
  • Downhill drive
  • Realistic climbing up to 20%

Tacx PC Test program  

Download and install the Tacx PC Test program to find out whether or not your PC is suitable for the Tacx Trainer software. The Test program only works if the PC is connected to the internet. Press Start and follow the instructions of the program. The result takes the minimum and recommended system requirements into account.

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