Schwalbe Inner Tube

Schwalbe Inner Tube
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Select your wheel size and valve type, and we'll pick the right tube for you. Check the sizing notes if you are stuck...

As reliable as it is airtight, this tube for Schrader valves is made of a butyl rubber compound that prevents pressure loss, meaning the cyclist won’t have to inflate it so frequently and will experience fewer punctures and reduced rolling resistance. Each Schwalbe tube is individually inflated and inserted into a mould to ensure the even wall thickness and excellent air retention before being checked twice at the factory to ensure its high quality. 


  • Airtight
  • Reliable
  • Rubber compound prevents pressure loss
  • Reduced rolling resistance


Wheel / Tyre Sizing Notes

Where possible, we express wheel sizes in the ISO, French (FRE) and American (IMP) standards. For tyre sizing information, and an overview of the different size standards view the Schwalbe Technical Information (939KB)  FAQ. The best and most reliable way to ensure you have the correct size is to check for the ISO code (in the form xx - yyy where xx is the tyre width in mm and yyy is the wheel diameter in mm) of your existing tyre. Most modern tyres will work, whatever the width, when the correct wheel diameter size is selected though frame clearance can become an issue with drastically wider tyres than were originally intended, particularly for road style bicycles. Consult the literature that came with your frame for information on frame clearances and other tolerances. 

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